Known for fresh, lively, knowledge-based commentary, Danny Clisham, the “Sky Talker,” is America’s most popular air show announcer and, for 45 years, has entertained millions of attendees at air shows throughout North America. As an actor and a profes- sional pilot, he has appeared in movies and stunt work and is a safety advisor for television productions. Fulfilling his boyhood dream of being a pilot, he bought his first plane, a Piper Cub, soloed and, later, flew as a captain for American Airlines. Clisham has broken world-class speed records and was one of a small corps of test pilots handpicked for participation in a Boeing 747 supertanker project for Evergreen International Aviation. He has over thirty thousand hours of flying time.

In fifty years of air show announcing, Clisham has seen most every dynamic and static act in the industry and watched as air shows have increased their entertainment value, skill and professionalism. Clisham has definitely left his unique and highly professional mark on the air show industry.

Air show announcing is one aspect of Clisham’s love for all things aviation. He spent his adult career as a professional airline pilot and retired from American Airlines with more than 30,000 hours of flight time. He holds a Federation Aeronautique Internationale (FAI) speed record for commercial routes – records that have not been broken.

Still an active pilot, Clisham owns three general aviation aircraft. He has also worked as an aviation consultant on movies and television shows. With decades of aviation experience to his credit, Danny Clisham is among the most respected and decorated people in the air show industry. Clisham is the official Emcee of the “Living Legends of Aviation Awards” and is among the most anticipated attractions of the annual event.