Dan Wolfe, a 25 + year dedicated employee of Nationwide Insurance with a masters degree from Embry Riddle, an A&P license, and a CFII. He is type rated in various corporate jets with over 14,000 hours of flight time. Dan’s exceptional background led him to become one of the founding members of BACO (Business Aviation Collaborative of Ohio) where he has had the responsibility of bridging public and private business partners with academia, with the help of the Ohio board of Regents, to develop a business aviation course to be implemented in most of the state’s colleges and universities. He is currently an active member of the NBAA, BAMC, where he helped develop a guide on business aviation and collegiate internship programs and actively presents at conferences on such issues.

Dan began his career with the Aviation Business Center working as a pilot before he was promoted to Chief Pilot and eventually took a leadership position as the General Manager.  He has spent his career combining his extensive flying experience with implementing strategic aviation business development initiatives to elevate the Aviation business unit.  Under his direction, Dan developed numerous strategic logistical solutions for Nationwide designed to improve the travel experience as well as save the company millions of dollars. 

One of Dan’s many passions is providing developmental opportunities for students in the aviation field. Dan actively mentors aspiring aviation students by sharing knowledge, providing real time experience and introducing them to important business aspects of aviation. Since he was a child, Dan’s dream was to become a pilot and he has worked with hundreds of students throughout his career to share his passions and help define the next generation of pilots in the aviation field.  Dan extends his passion for youth beyond aviation, in modeling a 20+ year record of foster parenting with his wife.